Home Renovation & Construction Supervision


Building codes and standards are constantly changing and that area alone is complex enough to require its own professionals, and that’s only a fraction of the experience and knowledge required to successfully manage a property.

On your behalf we will make periodic visits to your property undergoing any type of small or large-scale renovation or construction work. Our specialized professionals understand the principles of architectural drawings, sketches, and blueprints, which allow us to keep you totally informed of the progress at your property.

  • We will update you as often as you wish on the status of your renovation.
  • We will provide you with digital images of the work
  • We will assist you in supervising the work of third-party contractors, ensuring the job is done up-to-code and to your satisfaction
  • We can help you coordinate visits among sub-contractors, saving you time and money.
  • Acting on your behalf, we can always help you get the answers you need
Home Renovation & Construction Supervision